Cooking is our passion

Seema Gianoo Singh

Owner & Chef

The Mistress of Spice (TMOS) EST 2007, Owned and managed by Seema Gianoo Singh.

Cooking is my passion
Delicious home cooked meals

Inspired by her parents

Building a name and brand for herself in the Entrepreneurial world has its challenges

Seema’s motto is:
Hard work
Excellent customer service
Team work
Passion in what you do

After retrenchment from the corporate world, Seema decided to put her passion and talent for good home cooked meals into motion. Seema was inspired by her parents(Gianoo and Myna Andhee) who had a zest for delicious home cooked meals.

Although branded the LAZY ONE , Seema has learnt a lot from observing her parents cooking in their little kitchen on the farm. Always using freshest meat,veg and seasoning available.